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Resection Lateral Clavicle

Excision Arthroplasty Acromioclavicular Joint
Postoperative Protocol / Guidelines

Day 1 

  • Cryocuff / ice pack and sling

Day 2

  • Discharge
  • Ice packs to decrease swelling regularly / 3 times day 1st week
  • Intermittently out of sling pendular exercises only until 2 week check use arm at side of body for normal activities
  • Postural advice

2 Weeks

  • Follow up shoulder clinic
  • Wound check +/-  stitch removal
    • Commence all phase I and II exercises if pain allows
    • Avoid overhead passive ROM exercises 1st 4 weeks (may affect maturation scar tissue in Resected joint -lead to long term pain + hypermobility)
    • Postural scapula positioning exercises

4 weeks

  • Phase II exercises
    • Weight bearing exercises to stimulate rotator cuff
    • Scapula control

8 weeks

  • Phase III exercises
  • Strengthening  exercises begin
    • Progress dynamic scapula control
    • Encourage normal function in all ADL
    • Begin to return to non-contact sport
    • Caution with repetitive overarm use eg tennis, freestyle swimming

12 weeks

  • Specific strengthening for function / if necessary
  • Weight training if desirable
  • Training for non contact sports
  • Pain in the area usually mostly gone except for fatigue ache with repetitive use above the shoulder

6 months

  • Returning to normal strength, motion and function return to contact sports


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